Fast and Convenient Inventory Management

Inventri is an easy to use cloud-based inventory management solution that saves retailers and suppliers: time, effort and money.


We help retailers solve inventory problems so they can improve their cashflow and increase their profit.

Inventri accomplish this by generating purchase orders based on depletion patterns, seasons, weather and other factors using Machine Learning. By following recommendations from the system, retailers only stock products their customers need in the right quantity. This will eliminate overstocking and reduce the likelihood of product expiration and damages.

Inventri connects the retailer's inventory system with the supplier's inventory management solutions. This allows retailers to send generated orders to the suppliers with the click of a button. This process reduces human errors, saves time and effort.


Our prices are very competitive and attractive.


$39 / month

  • First 3 Months Free
  • Get Additional 3 Months for inviting 10 Suppliers


$499 / month

  • First 3 Months Free



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